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Thali Pendant, GWT - 2.8gms | Manjil Designs
Thali Pendant, GWT - 2.8gms
Thali Pendant, GWT - 2.8gms

Have you been searching for a Thali Pendant to wear at your wedding but still have no luck finding an authentic one? Relax; Manjil Designs provides authentic Thali pendants that suit your style and passions. This pendant has more information from this article.


Every Hindu wedding includes Thali tying a necklace around the bride, according to their tradition. Thali, which refers to a variety of designs in each region, as well as Mangalasutra elsewhere, is also known. The design for Tamil brides, the Gold Thali Pendant, is a collection of beautiful wedding jewelry by Manjil Designs.

These pendants are not for every woman but only for married women who portray themselves as wives. The bride and groom put on a Mangala sutra around her neck to follow this ritual. After marriage, the bride wears her necklace as a sign of married status.

This Thali pendant also has a tremendous history, and the meaning is given to no other piece of jewelry. Every component of this pendant shows off its cultural value, which is different from any other jewel. This pendant also contains a small red stone in the center to increase its beauty and ensure more luck.

Details of Thali Pendant:

  • Only married women and brides can use this pendant. Our Gold Thali Pendant has a very significant value that doesn't match with any other accessory.
  • Our Gold Thali Pendant has a very high value, and no other accessory can be compared. You can only get the pendant or a chain to link the pendant.
  • This gold pendant is made from only the finest quality of gold and stones.
  • You can only obtain a pendant or a chain to join the pendant.
  • It is a wearable pendant as it has been specifically designed for everyday use.
  • You will get a jewelry box where the pendant can be stored anytime.
  • Only for weddings and after marriage, but not for any other reason.


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