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Thali Bottu Pendants, GWT - 6.56gms, 22mm Diameter | Manjil Designs
Thali Bottu Pendants, GWT - 6.56gms, 22mm Diameter
Thali Bottu Pendants, GWT - 6.56gms, 22mm Diameter

Do you need help choosing the best store to purchase the Thali Bottu Pendants? Manjil Designs is the best place to buy your wedding jewelry. The pendants look authentic, typically traditional, and beautiful. You can learn the features of Thali Bottu in the article.


Thali Bottu, also called ‘Mangalasutra,’ is tied by the Bride Groom to the Bride during the marriage. In Indian culture, people believe marriage is complete after tying the Mangala sutra. To purchase this religious Thali Bottu Pendant, Manjil Designs is the best option.

The Pendant from our store is available in size 6.56 gms and has a diameter of 22mm. The Pendant is slightly big but looks beautiful with a gold chain. It is round, with fine details on the Pendant, making it look traditional and elegant. This Pendant has a hook to add a chain or chord to the locket.

Details of Thali Bottu Pendants:

  • This amazing Thali Bottu is available in size 6.56 gms.
  • The diameter of the Pendant is about 22mm which is slightly big.
  • You can buy a single pendant or a pair.
  • The pendants from our store have a very clean look and look elegant on women.
  • The Mangalasutra pendant suits for everyday wear.


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