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Studded Pendant With Eartops, GWT - 10.9 gms | Manjil Designs
Studded Pendant With Eartops, GWT - 10.9 gms
Studded Pendant With Eartops, GWT - 10.9 gms

Finding a simple yet elegant pendant can be challenging. At Manjil Designs, we understand the importance of timeless sophistication. That's why we're excited to introduce our latest addition: the stunning Studded Pendant with matching earrings. This set exemplifies modern elegance, offering a versatile option for your jewelry collection. Explore more about this exquisite piece below before adding it to your cart.


Who doesn't love to look beautiful on special occasions? It's a feeling that fills us with immense confidence. Styling yourself with exquisite accessories is the perfect way to elevate your self-assurance. Enter Manjil Designs' beautiful gold-studded Pendant with earrings, a true gem among world-famous accessories.

This jewelry piece features a simple pendant adorned with navy blue stones, set in a water drop-shaped gold pendant. Despite its delicate design, the elegant navy blue and gold combination exudes a royal aura. The Pendant is gracefully paired with a detailed gold chain, creating a harmonious ensemble.

Our skilled artisans have crafted them perfectly to spare you the trouble of finding matching earrings. These earrings feature the same navy blue stones, set in a charming circular-shaped locket. Their minimal design makes them suitable for everyday wear, effortlessly complementing any outfit. Gifting this Pendant set to your loved ones on a special occasion will surely make them feel truly cherished.

Details of the Gold Studded Pendant with Earrings:

  • The G.Wt of the Pendant is 10.9 Grams. 
  • Crafted from pure gold without any impurities.
  • Lightweight and versatile, it is perfect for pairing with any outfit.
  • This gold Pendant exudes elegance with a touch of modernity.
  • This beautiful Pendant is a thoughtful gift to surprise your loved ones.
  • Comes with a customized jewelry box for safekeeping.
  • A blend of modernity with a hint of authenticity.
  • Wear it on special occasions to shine brightly with confidence.
  • Guarantee provided for this product. 
  • Illuminate your look with confidence and elegance by adorning yourself with our exquisite pendant set.


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