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Mens Gold Ring, GWT - 6.3gms | Manjil Designs
Mens Gold Ring, GWT - 6.3gms
Mens Gold Ring, GWT - 6.3gms

Do you want to purchase a Gold Ring for any occasion? Then Manjil Designs launched the recent Men's jewelry collection with a men's Gold Ring with G.Wt- 6.3 Grams. This article has all the details about the ring; check before the purchase.


Men's Jewelry only has a few options, as there are very limited accessories that Men wear. But Manjil Designs crafted an amazing Mens Gold Ring with G.Wt- 6.3 Grams embellished with stones with perfect subtle details. 

The ring's top part has a white stone studded in the center with minimal details around it. A square box pattern is next to the stone detail, making the ring stand out even on an ordinary outfit. The square box pattern beautifully elevates the white stone.

Rings symbolize promise, mostly worn at engagements and weddings, representing the foveverness. This ring has every element to become the wedding ring so that you can create memories of your new life journey. Every elegant piece flaunts the craftsmanship of the artisans who carefully crafted this ring.

Details of Mens Gold Ring:

  • The G.Wt of the gold ring is 6.3 Grams with exclusive gold metal.
  • The ring has a rose gold finish, which is the current trend.
  • There is a single stone embellished to the ring that crates subtle grandness.
  • This ring can be your perfect wedding, engagement, or birthday ring.
  • This ring can be the first one you get for yourself on special occasions.
  • The ring has a smooth finish on its inner surface to avoid discomfort.
  • This is a lightweight ring that is comfortable for everyday wear.


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