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Mens Gold Ring, GWT - 7.65gms | Manjil Designs
Mens Gold Ring, GWT - 7.65gms
Mens Gold Ring, GWT - 7.65gms

If you are one of those mad about fashion-conscious people and wish to buy a gold ring that would go with your style, then Manjil Designs is what you need to consider. Our Gold Ring for men, with its net weight (of 7.65 gr), is made to fit any individual's soul-doesn't-break-down appeal, and easily scroll down that movie to learn more about this great artifact.


Men's jewelry often leans towards the minimalist side. At Manjil Designs, we understand the importance of creating jewelry that resonates with the modern man's style. Our Men's Gold Ring, weighing 7.65 grams, is a testament to this philosophy. Despite its simplicity, this ring is a statement piece that effortlessly blends chic and masculine elements.

Crafted with precision, the top part of the ring features a Benz symbol engraving on a hexagonal shape, adding a touch of trendiness. The side part of the ring is adorned with subtle lines, elevating it from the ordinary and showcasing the craftsmanship of our artisans.

Key Details of the Men's Gold Ring:

  • Crafted from 100% pure gold, weighing 7.65 grams.
  • Lightweight and perfect for daily wear.
  • There is a chic design that follows current fashion trends.
  • Smooth inner surface for comfortable wear.
  • Made of non-allergic material, ensuring no discomfort even with daily wear.
  • Experience the perfect blend of modernity and contemporary design with Manjil Designs' Men's Gold Ring. 
  • Each element of this ring is carefully crafted to appeal to the modern man who appreciates stylish yet understated accessories.


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