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Mens Gold Kada, GWT - 27.45gms | Manjil Designs
Mens Gold Kada, GWT - 27.45gms
Mens Gold Kada, GWT - 27.45gms

Do you find yourself needing help to choose the men's accessory section? You don't have to look further; Manjil Designs has everything for you. Our choice is excellent if you want a Men's Gold Kada, which is 27.45 gm heavy.


Discover a new realm of men's jewelry with Manjil Designs. We are introducing our Men's Gold Kada, weighing 27.45 grams, crafted amazingly with meticulous attention to detail to captivate every man's essence.

This Kada features a slightly triangular shape with a hollow center, adorned with a dotted pattern on the top surface, accentuated by a lustrous rose-gold finish that aligns with contemporary trends. Its unique charm lies in the strategically placed holes that add a distinctive touch to this accessory.

Resembling a bangle but in a more compact and minimalist form, this Gold Kada exudes elegance. Its robust construction ensures longevity, distinguishing it from other pieces of jewelry.

Key Features of the Men's Gold Kada:

  • Weight: 27.45 grams of the finest quality gold.
  • Finish: A glossy rose-gold finish, keeping pace with modern fashion.
  • Design: Minimalistic yet stylish, suitable for any occasion.
  • Construction: The hollow interior reduces weight without compromising durability, ensuring comfort during extended wear.
  • Experience the blend of sophistication and strength with our Men's Gold Kada, a lasting symbol of style and substance.


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