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Lakshmi Kasu Pendant, GWT - 2gms | Manjil Designs
Lakshmi Kasu Pendant, GWT - 2gms
Lakshmi Kasu Pendant, GWT - 2gms

Are you looking for a suitable place to purchase the elegant Lakshmi Kasu Pendant? Manjil Designs is the right place where you can find the right pendant that has artistic details. The high-quality gold with fine details makes the charm shines the best on any occasion.


A Lakshmi Kasu Pendant symbolizes elegance and a timeless piece of jewelry that embraces traditions. This piece of jewelry from Manjil Designs is made using the finest gold that shines and catches everyone’s eye. The pendant has the Laxmi Devi carving, making the product beautiful and traditional.

Laxmi Devi is the goddess who symbolizes wealth and pure luck wearing it. Wearing the pendant makes to shine your beauty through its versatility which our artisans designed with passion. The fantastic jewelry piece can be the best gift or present to appreciate your loved ones to make the occasion even more special. 

Details of Lakshmi Kasu Pendant:

  • This product uses the finest gold and details that enhance the pendant’s beauty. 
  • The pedant’s quality and beauty can be more than an accessory you can pass down as a heirloom treasure. 
  • This jewelry is elegant and timeless and suits every occasion and outfit. 
  • You can gift it to someone you love to make the event memorable and as a gesture of appreciation. 
  • The Lakshmi Devi design on the pedant makes it traditional.
  • This piece of jewelry is light in weight that doesn’t bother in any way to wear daily. 


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