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Lakshmi Devi Necklace Set, GWT - 51.44gms | Manjil Designs
Lakshmi Devi Necklace Set, GWT - 51.44gms
Lakshmi Devi Necklace Set, GWT - 51.44gms

Are you currently in the midst of your wedding shopping and seeking the perfect necklace? Look no further than this exquisite Lakshmi Devi Necklace Set from Manjil Designs, weighing 51.44 grams. Explore the article below for more details on this stunning piece.


Gold jewelry is an exquisite accessory that exudes royalty and elegance. Manjil Designs has brought this essence to life with the stunning Lakshmi Devi Necklace, weighing 51.44 grams. This necklace is a realization of your dream to own a piece of royal jewelry.

The chain of this gold necklace features a beautiful antique finish with bird-shaped carvings and stone-studded flowers at intervals. Dark stones add a touch of antiquity and enhance its beauty.

The centerpiece of this necklace is its locket, featuring a seated Lakshmi Devi holding wealth in her hands. The surrounding stones highlight the intricate craftsmanship of our artisans. This set includes matching earrings with a similar Lakshmi Devi design, embellished with colorful stones for a vibrant touch.

Details of the Lakshmi Devi Necklace with G.Wt- 51.44 Grams:

  • Gold weight: 51.44 grams, pure and free from impurities.
  • Crafted with the highest quality gold.
  • Comes with matching earrings for easy pairing with any outfit.
  • Customization service is not available for this jewelry.
  • Includes a custom jewelry box for safekeeping when not in use.
  • Despite its grand design, it is lightweight and suitable for any occasion.


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