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Gold Sri Krishna Pendant With Leaf Design, GWT - 3.6gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Sri Krishna Pendant With Leaf Design, GWT - 3.6gms
Gold Sri Krishna Pendant With Leaf Design, GWT - 3.6gms

Look no further when seeking a stunning pendant with a unique setting accentuating your character and introducing the Chinari Sri Krishna Pendant in a leaf design from Manjil Designs. Explore the remarkable features of this exquisite piece in the article below.


Every woman desires accessories that resonate with their taste and style, yet finding the perfect piece can be challenging. Manjil Designs has simplified this quest by introducing the authentic Gold Sri Krishna Pendant with a Leaf design, weighing 3.6 grams, crafted from gold.

This Pendant boasts a simple yet elegant design, seamlessly linking the locket to the chain. Our skilled artisans have elevated a traditional pendant by intricately incorporating leaf details. The serene figure of Lord Krishna is beautifully carved onto the leaf-shaped surface, with green color accents adding a lifelike charm.

The medium-sized locket hangs from a chain of ideal width, creating a piece that anyone would cherish wearing. The Pendant perfectly balances the chain's simplicity and the locket's intricate detailing, captivating all who behold it.

Details of the Gold Sri Krishna Pendant with a Leaf design:

  • Weighing 3.6 grams, this Pendant is lightweight and suitable for everyday wear.
  • Medium length, making it versatile for various styles.
  • Features a unique carving of Lord Krishna on a leaf surface.
  • Comes with a conveniently sized jewelry box for storage.
  • Includes a gold hook for secure fastening.
  • Wearing this religious Pendant is believed to bring immense luck.


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