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Gold Sri Ganeshji Pendant With Rudraksha, GWT - 3.37gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Sri Ganeshji Pendant With Rudraksha, GWT - 3.37gms
Gold Sri Ganeshji Pendant With Rudraksha, GWT - 3.37gms

Are you looking everywhere to find a simple-designed gold pendant that matches your style? Then Manjil Designs is the right place for you as we launched the unique Gold Sri Ganesh Pendant with Rudraksha, specially designed for daily wear. The following article has more details about this product; go through it before the purchase.


A pendant is a neckpiece in various styles and designs based on interests. Finding the perfect Pendant that matches your taste among various options is difficult. Manjil Designs launched a new Gold Pendants collection that makes your work easy. Our store launched the Gold Sro Ganesh Pendant with Rudhraksha from the collection.

This Pendant has a Rudraksha, the holy seed that grows on the Rudraksha tree. This seed holds a very historic meaning that is induced in the Hindu traditions. The combination of the lord Ganesha and the Rudhraksha adds the traditional value to the Pendant. With just the face of the Lord Ganesha, the Rudhrakhsa is set beside the face of Ganesha.

As a part of adding details, our artisans added colors to highlight the features of Lord Ganesha, and it greatly goes with the Rudraksha bead. People believe this bead has healing properties, which makes it wearable for every person. The chain of this Pendant has a very simple design that goes perfectly with the locket.

Details of Gold Sri Ganesh Pendant with Rudrakhsa:

  • This Pendant has a Rudhrakhsa bead that heals mentally and physically.
  • Wearing this combination of Lord Ganesha and the Rudraksha bead immensely gives prosperity and luck.
  • A simple chain that compliments the locket is added to the Pendant.
  • The length of this Pendant is medium, which seamlessly matches any outfit.
  • You can gift it to someone who believes in cultural values.
  • A small-sized jewelry box is sent along with the Jewelry piece to secure it safely.


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