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Gold Ram Parivar Style Necklace Set, GWT - 102.424gms, NWT - 83.174gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Ram Parivar Style Necklace Set, GWT - 102.424gms, NWT - 83.174gms
Gold Ram Parivar Style Necklace Set, GWT - 102.424gms, NWT - 83.174gms

Imagine getting ready for a special event and wanting to elevate your beauty radiantly. Then, Manjil Designs will introduce you to the amazing Gold Ram Parivar Style Necklace set with G.Wt- 102.424 Grams and N.Wt- 83.174 Grams. Check out the following article to learn more about the Ram Parivar Necklace.


In Hindu mythology, the divine Ram Parivar encompasses Lord Rama, his consort Sita Devi, loyal brother Lakshmana, and devoted follower Hanuman. Manjil Designs' artisans have captured the beauty and significance of this divine family in the exquisite Gold Ram Parivar Style Necklace set. Crafted with a total weight of 102.424 grams, this necklace is a masterpiece of elegance and tradition, with a net weight of 83.174 grams.

This necklace, reminiscent of a Haaram, gracefully adorns the neck with a beautifully carved locket depicting the Ram Parivar. The chain is adorned with a recurring mango-shaped motif, embellished with white, red, and green stones that harmonize with the radiant gold, blending tradition with modern sophistication.

The locket is delicately accented with dangling red beads, enhancing the charm of the Ram Parivar depiction. The matching earrings mirror these features, adding a touch of grace that complements the necklace perfectly. When paired with a well-designed wedding ensemble, this authentic Gold Necklace becomes the centerpiece, enhancing your beauty on your special day.

Key details of the Gold Ram Parivar Style Necklace Set:

  • Total weight: 102.424 grams (excluding impurities)
  • Net weight: 83.174 grams (excluding other metals)
  • Crafted with the finest quality gold and gemstones
  • This Ram Parivar set includes a necklace and matching earrings
  • Despite its intricate design, the necklace is remarkably lightweight, suitable for any occasion and attire
  • Each set comes with a customized jewelry box as a token of our appreciation for your choice.


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