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Gold Pendant, GWT - 5.67gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Pendant, GWT - 5.67gms
Gold Pendant, GWT - 5.67gms

Just imagine you are getting ready but don't need simple jewelry that can elevate your beauty. Take advantage of the deal, and check out Manjil Designs, which launched Gold Pendant. Go through the following article to learn more about this article. 


A gold accessory is always a classic piece of jewelry that attracts everyone's attention and makes them want to look. Manjil's designs introduce you to the Gold Pendant that elegantly matches your traditional style. 

Our Pendant is a simple jewelry piece with a Locket linked to the chain through the hook. This Neckpiece has a round locket with delicate details of a bird that attracts people who love chic looks. Choosing accessories for everyday use is difficult, and this single Pendant is enough to make you look perfect.

Adding this shimmering gold pendant around your neck gives you the look of elegance. The attractive point is that you can layer any other jewelry with this Pendant, which can seamlessly match anything. Style yourself with this Pendant by adding some Gold earrings, which is enough to look elegant. 

Details of Gold Pendant:

  • This is a traditional Gold pendant with details of traditional designs. 
  • Our Pendant can seamlessly blend with any individual's style.
  • The Gold Pendant from our store can add a touch of sophistication and grace.
  • Only fine gold material without any impurities was used.
  • This Pendant is durable and can last longer without any lack of shine, even after wearing it every day.
  • The Pendant is medium in length to blend seamlessly with everyday outfits.
  • It can be given as a gift to surprise someone. 


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