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Gold Pendant With Ear Tops, GWT - 37.3gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Pendant With Ear Tops, GWT - 37.3gms
Gold Pendant With Ear Tops, GWT - 37.3gms

Do you want a perfect accessory to wear on the simple outfits that compliment you perfectly and elevate your beauty? Yes, Manjil Designs is in the right place with the new launch of Gold Pendant with Ear Tops with G.Wt- 37.3 Grams. Check out the article below to learn more about this Gold Pendant.


Every jewelry piece has its own story that a wearer writes. With various options, finding the perfect gold accessory that can look perfect in any outfit can be difficult. A simple Gold Pendant with Ear Tops with G.Wt- 37.3 Grams from Manjil Designs is enough to add to your style to improve your self-significance. 

The easiest way to improve confidence is by styling yourself perfectly regardless of your outfit. This simple Pendant from our store has a unique and rare structure. A well-crafted Locket and the simple chain complement each other, creating harmony. 

The locket of this Pendant is carved in the shape of a flower with delicate details on the petals. One side of the petals has stone embellishments that can be seen only keenly, showing the craftsmanship. Our artisans gave a simple green bead hanging down the locket to create beauty. 

Details of Gold Pendant with Ear Tops with G.Wt- 37.3 Grams:

  • The G.Wt of this Pendant set is 37.3 Grams after removing the impurities.
  • No other metal or low-quality material is used; it is made using the finest material.
  • Lightweight jewelry is needed on busy occasions, and you can own this perfect jewelry piece.
  • The chain comes with a gold hook for the closure of the Pendant.
  • This is a durable Pendant that keeps its shine with regular use.
  • You can customize the Jewelry box to a gift box if required.


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