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Gold Pendant With Ear Tops, GWT - 35.73gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Pendant With Ear Tops, GWT - 35.73gms
Gold Pendant With Ear Tops, GWT - 35.73gms

If you want a jewelry set complimenting each other, try Gold Pendant with Ear Tops from Manjil Jewelry. Shop with us to get high-quality Gold and other embellishments. This article explains the fantastic features of the necklace.


Gold Pendant with Ear tops from Manjil Design is a perfect accessory to look elegant and beautiful at any event. This jewelry set makes you look stunning, whatever the occasion: a wedding, birthday party, or festival. This beautiful Pendant made of Gold and matching earrings is comfortable to wear at any event. This article explains the details of this jewelry set.

Our artisans gave the chain a simple design but gave the locket a delicate structure. It has three pink flowers surrounded by green petals. To add more details, there are gold petals, which makes it an exquisite piece. Pendants are the accessories that women love to wear on any outfit to compliment their style and add grace.

This set has a Gold Pendant and matching earrings with the same flower design. The pastel green shade of the flower is a delicate detail that flaunts our craftsmanship. The biggest factor is that our Pendant is easy to carry and maintain around any time. 

Details of Gold Pendant with Ear tops:

  • Made of high-quality Gold like 14K or 18K and has additional embellishments like diamonds and other gemstones.
  • Matching earrings made of Gold complete the set.
  • It looks simple and elegant.
  • Comfortable to wear and matches any outfit.
  • The best accessory for weddings, birthdays, and festivals.
  • Gold pendants with Ear tops always complement each other and look even more beautiful.
  • It is a perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • The value of this piece of jewelry increases with time. 


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