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Gold Pendant With CZ Stones, GWT - 11gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Pendant With CZ Stones, GWT - 11gms
Gold Pendant With CZ Stones, GWT - 11gms

Are you looking for an affordable Gold Pendant with Diamond replacement? Then you must check out the Manjil Designs store to find the Gold Pendant with CZ Stones using good quality gold. For further information, you can scroll down the article.


Wearing Gold jewelry is how we style ourselves and build confidence in ourselves. Many people dream of owning their first Diamond jewelry induced in Gold. But it is only sometimes challenging, so Manjil Designs developed the Gold Pendant with CZ stones.

CZ Stones are Cubic Zirconia stones that look like diamonds but are unreal. These stones are durable enough to last longer on the Pendant. This jewelry piece has a huge round locket with colorful CZ Stones embedded together, creating an exquisite beauty. 

Without any extravagance, this Pendant has a detailed locket with a simple chain. The hook of the locket also has the CZ stones, which increases its value. Though our artisans used different CZ stones, they still created harmony with each other without becoming a busy pattern. 

Details of Gold Pendant with CZ stones:

  • This Pendant has CZ stones, which are an alternative to diamonds.
  • The chain of this Pendant has a simple link that goes well with the detailed locket.
  • Tiny pearls are added to the Pendant, which makes it more beautiful.
  • This Pendant's design is perfect to wear daily without discomfort.
  • The inner surface of the Pendant is smoothly finished, which shows the craftsmanship.
  • You can customize the jewelry box as a customized jewelry box if you want to surprise your loved ones.


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