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Gold Panchlada Necklace, GWT - 112.97gms, NWT - 28. 94gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Panchlada Necklace, GWT - 112.97gms, NWT - 28. 94gms
Gold Panchlada Necklace, GWT - 112.97gms, NWT - 28. 94gms

Once you've selected a beautiful piece of jewelry that will compliment your wedding attire, Manjil Designs' latest collection of wedding jewelry has the gold-Panchlada necklace weighing 112.97 gm, with a net weight of 28.94 gm is the ultimate choice for you. Check out our blog to dive deeper and learn the subtle features of this artifact.


The Gold Panchlada Necklace by Manjil Designs is a stunning piece inspired by the Satlada Necklace from the Mughal Empire. Our artisans have added their creative touch to craft this elegant necklace, weighing 112.97 grams, with a net weight of 28.94 grams. This traditional jewelry piece, reminiscent of what Mughal Emperors wore during their reign, is perfect for weddings and other traditional events.

The Panchlada Necklace features five strands of beads linked with gold metal. "Panch" means "five," and "Lada" means "strands" in Hindi, hence the name. The necklace comprises five strands, with white beads arranged step-by-step across five layers. This piece alone adds grace to your look on any special occasion.

The entire necklace follows the same pattern across different layers. The tiny white beads are intricately linked, with green beads at the center, adding exquisite detail. Our Panchlada Necklace is designed with sophistication; this necklace is the perfect accessory for your special day.

Details of the Gold Panchlada Necklace:

  • The necklace weighs 112.97 grams and is crafted from pure gold without impurities.
  • The net weight of the necklace is 28.94 grams, featuring pure gold metal and beads.
  • Despite its long structure, the necklace is lightweight, allowing for comfortable daily wear.
  • A gold hook closure ensures easy and secure fastening of the necklace.
  • The captivating beauty of this necklace eliminates the need for additional jewelry.
  • The necklace comes with a jewelry box for secure storage.


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