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Gold Om Pendant With Rudraksha & Trishul, GWT - 2.99gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Om Pendant With Rudraksha & Trishul, GWT - 2.99gms
Gold Om Pendant With Rudraksha & Trishul, GWT - 2.99gms

Do you want a Gold accessory that you can wear daily but with some spiritual presence? Then you must check out the Gold Om Pendant With Rudraksha & Trishul from Manjil Designs. This beautiful piece is made of pure gold. Check out more details in the following article. 


You can style yourself in many ways, and one of the best ways is by adding accessories to your everyday style. But accessories do not always need to be statement pieces of fashion. Considering this point, Manjill Designs introduces you to the embedded Gold Om Pendant with Rudraksha & Trishul. 

Rudraksha is a seed with a great religious history known for healing mentally and physically. According to Hindu mythology, Trirshul is the weapon that Lord Shiva carries around, and Omkaram is the symbol that represents the Hindu culture and has a great meaning. The combination of these three elements increases its spiritual value.

The Pendant has a simple locket in the shape of Om, with a Rudraksha in the center and a Trishul passing through the Rudraksha bead. The major attraction of this Pendant is the silver finish given to the Omkaram pendant, and the blend of Gold and Silver seamlessly works well. 

Details of Gold Om Pendant with Rudraksha & Trishul:

  • This Gold Pendant has an Omkaram locket with the divine Rudraksha seed and Trishul, the weapon of Lord Shiva.
  • The Pendant has great spiritual value; it can be worn to welcome positive energy into your life.
  • It is the best gift for someone who believes in the deity.
  • This Pendant has a locket with a chain linked through the hook of the locket.
  • You must wear this Pendant only by taking careful measures.
  • Get a jewelry box with the Pendant to keep it safe any time of the day.
  • Only authentic material was used in making the Pendant.


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