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Gold Om Pendant, GWT - 3.8gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Om Pendant, GWT - 3.8gms
Gold Om Pendant, GWT - 3.8gms

Are you looking to add a gold pendant with significant spiritual value to your collection? Look no further than the Gold Om Pendant with G.Wt- 3.8 Grams from Manjil Designs, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. Explore our blog below to discover more about this exquisite Om Pendant.


Accessories are the things that can elevate your boring outfit to another level with a touch of grace. However, gold accessories are always the best choice for a one-time purchase. To give your one-time purchase meaning, get the Gold Om pendant from Manjil Designs to add positivity to your life.

It is believed that the Omkaram sound is the prominent sound from which our whole universe came. Adding this meaningful element to your everyday style can shower you with positive energy. This Pendant has a simple Om locket with fine details on the surface. Without making it boring, our artisans gave a detailing as an outline to the locket. 

The locket size is perfect for everyday wear, as it can work beautifully on any outfit. Layering with other jewelry is also the best way to elevate this Pendant. Coming out of the fashion world and embracing the spiritual world through this Pendant is the best way to love yourself. 

Details of Gold Om Pendant:

  • This Pendant has a spiritual meaning by adding a touch of modernity.
  • This accessory has only a locket, making it lightweight jewelry suitable for daily wear.
  • Our artisans used warm and shiny high-quality gold to make this Pendant.
  • This is a medium-length pendant suitable for layering with another accessory.
  • The best gift option is to present someone on special days. 
  • It would help if you kept it in a dry place to keep its shine longer.


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