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Gold Sri Lakshmi Devi Pendant, GWT - 3.7gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Sri Lakshmi Devi Pendant, GWT - 3.7gms
Gold Sri Lakshmi Devi Pendant, GWT - 3.7gms

Suppose you're seeking a gold pendant with a spiritual essence that you can wear daily. In that case, Manjil Designs has the perfect solution. Explore our exquisite Gold Sri Lakshmi Devi Pendant, weighing 3.7 grams, and delve into its features in the article below.


Lakshmi Devi is revered in Hinduism as a symbol of wealth, luck, and prosperity, making a pendant with her carving a beautiful representation of abundance. Embrace this symbolism with Manjil Designs' Gold Sri Lakshmi Devi Pendant, weighing 3.7 grams.

This pendant is simple yet elegant, suitable for daily wear by both men and women. It features a gold locket with a finely detailed depiction of Lakshmi Devi within a circular border, adorned with tiny stones for added elegance.

The pendant is attached to a medium-length chain with a gold hook for easy fastening and removal. Its simplicity and medium length make it a versatile piece, perfect for complementing any outfit daily.

Details of the Gold Sri Lakshmi Devi Pendant:

  • Weight: 3.7 grams, crafted from pure gold.
  • Medium length, designed for everyday wear.
  • Includes a jewelry box for safe storage.
  • Crafted from non-allergenic materials.
  • 100% pure and premium quality.
  • This pendant is a thoughtful gift for someone who reveres Lakshmi Devi.
  • Features a simple design without extravagant embellishments.


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