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Gold Necklace With Earrings, GWT - 49.59gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace With Earrings, GWT - 49.59gms
Gold Necklace With Earrings, GWT - 49.59gms

Are you searching for a gold necklace that complements your simple outfit perfectly? Look no further than Manjil Designs, where elegance meets simplicity. Discover our Gold Necklace with Earrings, weighing 49.59 grams, designed to enhance your look with understated sophistication. Read on to learn more about this exquisite piece after its recent launch.


Women cherish the opportunity to adorn themselves with different jewelry pieces on special occasions, enhancing their beauty and elegance. Gold jewelry, in particular, holds a special place in their hearts due to its value and durability. Renowned for its quality, Manjil Designs is delighted to introduce the Gold Necklace with Earrings weighing 49.59 grams.

This gold necklace features a unique design with a diamond-shaped locket, meticulously crafted with intricate details blending traditional elements. The locket's design complements any style's neutral yet elegant appearance.

This Necklace exudes grandeur, whether paired with a saree, lehenga, or any other traditional outfit. Layering this neckpiece with other jewelry can enhance your beauty, especially during weddings and other celebratory events. As the value of gold appreciates over time, investing in this Necklace can also prove to be a profitable financial decision.

Key details of the Gold Necklace with Earrings:

  • It weighs 49.59 grams after removing impurities.
  • Crafted from 100% fine gold, ensuring exceptional quality.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear, catering to the preferences of most women.
  • It is an investment that can yield profitable returns in the future.
  • Includes a jewelry box for secure storage when not in use.
  • Requires maintenance due to the precious and delicate nature of gold.
  • Embrace the elegance and timelessness of gold jewelry with the Gold Necklace from Manjil Designs, a symbol of beauty, tradition, and enduring value.


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