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Gold Necklace With Earrings, GWT - 31.60gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace With Earrings, GWT - 31.60gms
Gold Necklace With Earrings, GWT - 31.60gms

Discover the elegance of the Gold Necklace with Earrings, weighing 31.60 grams, from Manjil Designs. Our recent jewelry collection features this beautiful Necklace, capturing the hearts of many. Explore the article below to uncover more features of this enchanting piece.


One of the most cherished and sought-after jewelry pieces among Indian women is the Gold Necklace. Manjil Designs presents the Gold Necklace with Earrings weighing 31.60 grams, crafted from pure gold.

This exquisite Gold Kasu Necklace features interconnected Kasus, or gold coins, each bearing the design of Goddess Laxmi. This traditional South Indian jewelry holds immense cultural significance.

Adorning the top of each coin is a tiny red stone, enhancing the Necklace's beauty. The set includes earrings with two gold coins resembling studs, completing the ensemble. This necklace set is not only visually stunning but also incredibly versatile.

Details of the Gold Necklace with Earrings:

  • The necklace set's total weight (G.Wt) is 31.60 grams, crafted from the highest quality gold metal.
  • This Necklace combines traditional significance with a contemporary touch, making it suitable for various occasions.
  • The durability of the material ensures long-lasting beauty and value.
  • While perfect for weddings, this Necklace is also ideal for other special occasions.
  • The Necklace features a gold clasp for closure, which can be replaced with a thread if desired.
  • The earrings in the set feature two gold coins linked next to each other, matching the Necklace's design.


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