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Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 90.99gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 90.99gms
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 90.99gms

Check out the Gold Necklace Set with G.Wt- 90.99 Grams from Manjil Designs. This beautiful necklace has features that attract every woman to style with their jewelry. If you want to know the details about the necklace, go through the article below. 


Going beyond the aesthetic appeal, Manjil Designs' Gold Necklace Set with G.Wt- 90.99 Grams creates a new story. Every jewelry element tells a story about the jewelry piece that can be represented by the person wearing it. 

Like the theory, our necklace also has a story that signifies the beauty of the jewelry. Even though this is a gold necklace, the necklace mostly has shiny gemstones and pure beads. The chain part of the necklace has white beads with tiny green beads here and there. 

There is a gigantic locket studded with high-quality gemstones shaped like a flower on the top layer. The three flowers' petals are studded with green stones with white stones in the center. The locket continues with white stones structured in a triangular shape and violet pastel beads hanging down to the locket. 

Details of Gold Necklace Set:

  • The G.Wt of the necklace is 90.99 Grams.
  • The length of the necklace is almost similar to a choker.
  • This lightweight jewelry piece you can wear for a longer time.
  • The necklace set comes with earrings with an identical design to the neckpiece. 
  • This necklace set has more stone embellishments linked to the gold medal.
  • The quality of the gold metal and the embellishments are solid quality material.
  • These are non-allergic jewelry designed with utmost care.


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