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Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 86.53gms, NWT - 37.74gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 86.53gms, NWT - 37.74gms
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 86.53gms, NWT - 37.74gms

If you're looking for a trendy Gold Necklace complete with earrings, look no further than Manjil Designs. Explore our Gold Necklace Set, boasting a Gross Weight of 86.53 Grams and a Net Weight of 37.74 Grams. For more details about this exquisite piece, refer to the article below on our website.


Gold jewelry is a beloved choice among women, especially for special occasions. Manjil Designs introduces its latest collection, featuring a Gold Necklace Set with a Gross Weight of 86.53 Grams and Net Weight of 37.74 Grams.

This Necklace boasts a unique and trendy design with a traditional touch. It features a long chain adorned with white beads intricately linked like a web. The second layer of the chain showcases white and green beads halfway through its length.

At the center of the Necklace lies a meticulously detailed Gold locket crafted by our skilled artisans. The locket is adorned with violet stones, boasting a circular shape with a flower design at its center, petal-shaped white stones, and a central red stone.

Key details of the Gold Necklace Set:

  • Gross Weight: 86.53 Grams
  • Net Weight: 37.74 Grams
  • Lightweight design, thanks to the white beads
  • Includes a matching gold locket for the earrings
  • Long enough to resemble a haram
  • Features a sturdy clasp for secure wearing
  • Available with gift packaging, ideal for gifting to someone special


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