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Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 51.44gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 51.44gms
Gold Necklace Set, GWT - 51.44gms

Do you want to find out about the best gold jewelry collection? Are you in search of the best place to find magnificent gold necklaces? Then, it would help if you weren't anywhere else than at Manjil Designs. Admire our amazing Gold Chain Necklace Set, which has a total weight of 51.44 grams. If you want to learn more about this superb masterpiece, it is briefly described in the article below.


Gold jewelry epitomizes Indian beauty and culture, reflecting the exquisite creativity of Indian artisans. With deep-rooted significance, jewelry has been treasured and revered since ancient times. At Manjil Designs, discover the finest Gold Necklace Set, weighing 51.44 grams.

This stunning Necklace features a Guttapusalu design intricately combined with colorful gemstones. The short-length Necklace is adorned with multiple strands of white beads interspersed with vibrant beads, creating a captivating look. The Necklace's focal point is its elaborate locket, embellished with various gemstones.

The locket's length and intricate details stand out, featuring a central flower motif. The flower is adorned with a striking red stone at its center, surrounded by petals embellished with white stones. Adjacent to the flower, resembling stems, are two meticulously detailed gold elements, adding to the Necklace's charm.

Key Features of the Gold Necklace Set:

  • Weight: 51.44 grams
  • Secure fixing of gemstones and beads to the gold
  • Perfect for layering with longer necklaces
  • Includes matching earrings with beautiful green gemstones
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear
  • This Necklace is a blend of traditional design and modern elegance.
  • Experience the elegance and craftsmanship of this Necklace, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, only at Manjil Designs.


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