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Gold Necklace, GWT - 8.426gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace, GWT - 8.426gms
Gold Necklace, GWT - 8.426gms

Suppose you focus on finding a graceful, minimalist necklace that boosts your natural attractiveness. In that case, I suggest you stop the search since Manjil Designs is all you need. The Gold Necklace, weighing 8.426 grams, is an ideal ending for your new purchase.


Gold jewelry is the ultimate symbol of beauty, exuding elegance and sophistication for the wearer. The Necklace holds a special place among the many necklace jewelry pieces women adore. Manjil Designs has recently unveiled its finest Gold Necklace, weighing 8.426 grams, designed to captivate hearts.

This Necklace features minimal stone embellishments and a sleek, simple design. Resembling a chain but with added flair, it comprises tiny gold rings linked together with a brilliant golden finish, ensuring it shines brightly in any crowd.

Our artisans have incorporated pink gemstones into the gold surface to elevate its allure, scattered throughout the Necklace. Each stone is uniquely shaped, creating an asymmetrical yet stunning effect. This Necklace's versatile design makes it effortlessly paired with other jewelry pieces.

Details of the Gold Necklace:

  • This lightweight Necklace boasts a length and width similar to a chain.
  • A single embellishment adds to its beauty.
  • With a gross weight of 8.426 grams, this Necklace is crafted using only the finest quality gold.
  • Its simple design and perfect length make it ideal for layering with other jewelry pieces.
  • This Necklace is perfect for special occasions, making the recipient feel truly cherished.
  • Crafted from high-quality gold metal, it is hypoallergenic and safe for all wearers.


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