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Gold Necklace, GWT - 75.068gms, NWT - 19.354gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace,  GWT - 75.068gms, NWT - 19.354gms
Gold Necklace, GWT - 75.068gms, NWT - 19.354gms

Do you have a penchant for a truly memorable Gold accessory? The search for the perfect jewelry piece ends here with the unique Gold Necklace from Manjil Designs weighing 75.068 grams and having a net weight of 19.354 grams. Upgrade your fashion game with this innovative garment right now. If you have any queries, please see the following section.


Manjil Designs is thrilled to present our authentic Gold Necklace, weighing 75.068 grams with a net weight of 19.354 grams. This exquisite piece is a beautiful traditional necklace adorned with Guttapusalu and various stones and beads.

Despite its heavy embellishments, the Necklace exudes elegance. Our artisans intricately connected the Guttapusalu as different strands, creating a beautiful effect. Two lockets adorn the sides of the chain, adding to its beauty.

The centerpiece of this Necklace is a large, intricately detailed locket in an oval shape featuring a striking red stone at its center, accented by green beads. The locket is adorned with stones around the center stone, adding texture and shine, enhancing the Necklace's overall radiance.

Details of the Gold Necklace:

  • Gross Weight: 75.068 grams of pure quality gold.
  • Net Weight: 19.354 grams, including the Guttapusalu and green beads.
  • This Necklace comes with a set of earrings, beautifully engraved and studded with stones on gold metal.
  • This statement jewelry piece will add grace and elegance to your look.
  • You can layer this Necklace with a simple choker to create a perfect jewelry set.
  • We use tested and hypoallergenic materials to ensure your comfort and safety.


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