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Gold Necklace, GWT - 35.423gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace,  GWT - 35.423gms
Gold Necklace, GWT - 35.423gms

Is getting a necklace with every element you wish for not easy? Then, the right place to try is Manjil Designs, where you can find the Gold Necklace with G.Wt- 35.423 Grams. Get through the article to learn more details about the product.


In the world of Gold Jewelry, everyone has different choices and styles of liking. Manjil Designs is where you will find every piece for your taste, and it also has Gold Jewelry with G.Wt- 35.42 Grams combining colorful high-quality beads.

With a unique style, this Necklace is a piece of jewelry with two big oval-shaped stones with a floral pattern. These stones are on either side, looking like a coin, with a beautiful pattern. Connecting to the stones, our artisans used a gold chain to connect the white pearls and red beads one after the other in four strands.

These four strands follow the same pattern: the top with white pearls and the middle with red beads. The beautiful part of the Necklace is that it doesn't have any locket yet, but it has a beautiful, attractive point. The length and design are enough to make it a statement piece.

Gold Necklace Details:

  • The G.Wt of the Necklace is 35.423 Grams with 100% high-quality gold.
  • This perfect medium-length neckpiece is the best length most customers prefer.
  • You can use the gold hook to link and unlink the neckpiece.
  • Wear this authentic Necklace with any outfit for any special occasion.
  • The white stone used in the Necklace has a beautiful floral pattern.
  • You can also personalize the necklace hook with a thread as an alternative option to reduce the price charge.
  • Used only pure gold metal with non-allergic material.


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