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Gold Long Necklace, GWT - 80.305gms, NWT - 19.940gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Long Necklace, GWT - 80.305gms, NWT - 19.940gms
Gold Long Necklace, GWT - 80.305gms, NWT - 19.940gms

If a Gold necklace's super-quality is what you are looking for, there is nowhere else to look. We call ourselves the best as the most amazing Gold Long Necklace weighs 80.305 grams (G.Wt) and 19.940 grams (N.Wt), respectively. To learn more about this incredible part, please read the article below.


India is renowned for its exquisite Gold Jewelry, often adorned with intricate traditional patterns. Among these treasures is the Gold Long Necklace, weighing 80.305 grams (G.Wt) and 19.940 grams (N.Wt), which holds a special place in the hearts of women as a symbol of beauty and tradition.

Our Gold Long Necklace is a stunning piece featuring a chain adorned with tiny white and red beads. The locket of the Necklace is adorned with a beautifully carved antique-finished design of Lakshmi Devi, exuding regal elegance.

Despite its delicate size, the Lakshmi Devi design draws all the attention, drawing the eye to its intricate beauty. The Necklace is further embellished with green beads interspersed among the white and red beads, adding a vibrant touch. Additionally, the locket features two orange gemstones in a rectangular shape, adding a splash of color and enhancing its allure.

Details of the Gold Long Necklace:

  • Features a chain adorned with red and white beads and a gold locket
  • The locket boasts an antique finish, adding to its value and beauty
  • Gold Weight (G.Wt): 80.305 Grams
  • Necklace Weight (N.Wt), including beads: 19.940 Grams
  • Secured with a gold hook for easy attachment and removal
  • This Necklace complements traditional outfits, enhancing the wearer's beauty and elegance.


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