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Gold Long Necklace, GWT - 80.305gms, NWT - 19.940gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Long Necklace, GWT - 80.305gms, NWT - 19.940gms
Gold Long Necklace, GWT - 80.305gms, NWT - 19.940gms

Are you sure you found a place that has the best Gold Necklaces? If not, try Manjil Designs, as we have the best Gold Long Necklace with G.Wt- 80.305 Grams and 19.940 Grams N.Wt. Check the article below to learn more details about this Gold Necklace.


India always tries to introduce beautiful Gold Jewelry by adding traditional patterns. Among them is the Gold Long Necklace with G.Wt- 80.305 Grams and N.Wt- 19.940 Grams. Gold Long Haaram has its history and place among the jewelry women wear. 

Our NecklaceNecklace is a beautiful harem with tiny white and red beads attached to a chain. The locket has the perfect design of an antique finished Lakshmi Devi structure carved on it. The antique finish of this NecklaceNecklace gives it another beauty, a royal look. 

Even though the Lakshmi Devi design is tiny, it still takes all the attention. The beauty of this necklace is that with the bunch of white and red beads, some green beads are linked here and there. On the locket, there are two orange gemstones in the shape of a rectangle attached to add more colors. 

Details of Gold Long Necklace:

  • This is a Long Necklace with red and white beads and a gold locket.
  • The locket of this NecklaceNecklace has an antique finish that increases its value and beauty.
  • The G.Wt of the Necklace is 80.305 Grams with only pure gold.
  • The N.Wt of the Necklace, including the white and red beads, is 19.940 Grams.
  • A gold hook to the NecklaceNecklace is used to link and unlink it.
  • Our NecklaceNecklace looks best on any traditional outfit that elevates beauty.


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