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Gold Long Haaram with Beads, GWT - 91.043gms, NWT - 16.017gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Long Haaram with Beads, GWT - 91.043gms, NWT - 16.017gms
Gold Long Haaram with Beads, GWT - 91.043gms, NWT - 16.017gms

If you're searching for a Long Haaram featuring a stunning combination of gold and beads, look no further than Manjil Designs. Manjil Designs is delighted to introduce our latest creation: the Gold Long Haaram with Beads, weighing 91.043 grams (G.Wt) and 16.017 grams (N.Wt). Please refer to the article below for more details about this exquisite piece.


In traditional gold jewelry, certain pieces exude a timeless grace that transcends eras. The Gold Long Haaram with Beads, crafted by Manjil Designs and weighing 91.043 grams (G.Wt) and 16.017 grams (N.Wt), is a pinnacle of traditional elegance. This majestic Necklace is a true testament to the rich legacy and cultural significance of Indian jewelry.

This Long Haaram features pink beads intricately linked in four strands, creating a captivating pattern. The Necklace's locket, crafted from gold metal, is adorned with exquisite details that elevate its beauty. The long chain of the Haaram is adorned with red beads. At the same time, the locket features a combination of other colored beads, adding to its allure.

The length of the Haaram allows for adding other jewelry pieces, offering versatility in styling. The locket, depicting Lakshmi Devi, is embellished with tiny white beads that form a delicate border around the design. Additionally, green beads are linked to the pink beads, cascading down elegantly and enhancing the overall charm of the piece.

Details of the Gold Long Haaram with Beads:

  • Gold Weight (G.Wt): 91.043 Grams
  • Necklace Weight (N.Wt), including beads: 16.017 Grams
  • Pink beads are used to enhance the Haaram's beauty
  • The hook used to fasten and unfasten the Haaram is versatile and can be made of various materials
  • This Long Haaram is designed to gracefully adorn the neck, allowing for pairing with other jewelry pieces
  • Each piece is meticulously packed in a customized box, making it an ideal gift for your treasured ones.


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