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Gold Evil Eye Pendant With Stones, GWT - 3.89gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Evil Eye Pendant With Stones, GWT - 3.89gms
Gold Evil Eye Pendant With Stones, GWT - 3.89gms

If you are looking for a Gold Evil Eye Pendant with stones, check out Manjil Designs. Our store has a great collection of neck jewelry made of Gold and adorned with other embellishments and stones. The below article has complete details of the product in the description.


Indians believe wearing an evil eye locket protects the person from negative energy. It is also called a talisman or amulet that gives positive energy. Manjil Designs' Gold Evil Eye Pendant with stones typically has a locket of eyes with a green pupil on the white and light-blue background. This pendant initially came from Greece or Rome and has a significant cultural and traditional history. 

This pendant is made of high-quality gold and has a chain. It has beautiful craftsmanship and is adorned by precious stones surrounding it. In the past, this was worn as a lucky charm, and nowadays, it is worn as an accessory to look stylish. This accessory looks simple and goes with any outfit. It is a perfect present for someone who wants to avoid evil energy.

This is a beautiful Gold Pendant with an Evil eye locket in the shape of an eye with shiny white stones linked to the locket. These stones add beauty to the pendant and perfectly elevate the simple gold chain that is thin in size, perfect for everyday use. As a part of adding details, a tiny stone is linked at the corner of the locket. 

Details of Gold Evil Eye Pendant:

  • The pendant has an eye with a green iris and a white and blue background.
  • It is made of 100% premium gold and has other precious stones.
  • It is lightweight and goes with any outfit.
  • This pendant looks stylish yet has a cultural value.
  • It is available in different sizes.
  • This is a customizable product.


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