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Gold Earrings, GWT - 20.45gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Earrings, GWT - 20.45gms
Gold Earrings, GWT - 20.45gms

Are you looking for trendy earrings to accessorize yourself to follow the trend? Then Manjil Designs is the right place as they launched the most trendy Gold Earrings with G.Wt- 20.455 Grams. Check out the following description for more details.


Getting a perfect pair of earrings that you can wear on any fashionable outfit takes work. Manjil Designs made it easy by introducing you to the beautiful Gold Earrings with G.Wt- 20.455 Grams. These are in-fashion earrings with a slight touch of traditional elements. 

The top part, where it has a hook, has a beautiful leaf structure embedded with green gemstones to represent the leaf. This earrings pair gives a chandelier structure that goes from wide to narrow from top to bottom. The wide part on the top has exquisite details with clear white gemstones.

The section with reduced width has green beads, linked as a web, followed by red beads. The structure of these earrings is similar to a bunch of grapes, which makes them even more fashionable. These earrings are the perfect statement jewelry to wear on special occasions if you plan to radiate gracefully. 

Details of Gold Earrings:

  • The G.Wt of these trendy earrings is 20.455 Grams.
  • These earrings are a combination of modernity and traditionality.
  • There are red, green, and clear white gemstones combined with shiny gold, making it an exquisite piece of earrings.
  • These are the perfect gifts to gift someone on some special occasions.
  • Our earrings have the highest quality gold and gemstones crafted by skillful artisans. 
  • A jewelry box is sent with the earrings so you can store them anytime safely.


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