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Gold Earrings, GWT - 4.93gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Earrings, GWT - 4.93gms
Gold Earrings, GWT - 4.93gms

Do you need earrings that blend with your style? Look no further! At Manjil Designs, you'll find an amazing selection of Gold Earrings with G.Wt- 4.93 Grams that are just the right fit for your taste. Please look closely at these amazing earrings and their qualities, as described in the article below.


Earrings are a timeless accessory that women love to wear on any occasion, adding an elegant touch to their style. Manjil Designs has recently launched the elegant Gold Earrings with G.Wt- 4.93 Grams Collection, designed to enhance your beauty. With their traditional design, these earrings exude sophistication. They are crafted with precision and perfection, showcasing the artistic skills of our artisans.

Our new earrings feature a focal point in the middle adorned with bright red gemstones. Despite the vibrant color, they blend seamlessly with the antique-finished gold bottom. The bottom part of the earrings showcases a beautifully carved flower on a round-shaped surface, with tiny gold drops adding exquisite detail. The top and bottom parts are intricately linked to provide additional support.

While many consider earrings mere styling accessories, our earrings add a unique beauty to the wearer. Despite the wide range of designs in the jewelry market, our pieces stand out with their beautiful structure and design. Our artisans ensure that only the highest quality materials are used in every element, making each piece even more valuable.

Details of Gold Earrings:

  • The G.Wt of the earrings is 4.93 Grams. 
  • Crafted using the highest quality materials, including gold, gemstones, and other materials.
  • Lightweight, making them comfortable for extended wear.
  • Simple yet royal design that exudes elegance.
  • Antique finish that is currently on-trend.
  • Screw-back for ease of wearing.
  • Customized screw material is available upon request.
  • Includes a jewelry box for secure storage.


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