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Gold Earrings, GWT - 20.57gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Earrings, GWT - 20.57gms
Gold Earrings, GWT - 20.57gms

Are you looking for a unique pair of gold earrings but haven't found the perfect match yet? Look no further. Manjil Designs is delighted to introduce our exquisite Gold Earrings with G.Wt- 20.57 Grams with a delicate hint of red and blue beads. Discover more about these stunning earrings in the article below.


There are few traditional earrings, but Manjil unlocks an avenue through which you can appreciate beautiful gold that reflects the classic look. People do not wear earrings only for beautification but also as a confident tool of self-revelation. Perfect modeling gives confidence, and these earrings will increase your self-confidence.

Our earrings pair have a unique design that attracts people with unique tastes. The top has three circles covered with gold lines shaped like a triangle. With a traditional theme, the bottom part of the earrings has a cone shape that looks similar to the Gopuram of a temple. The red beads in the middle fit perfectly and go with the shining gold. Our artisans added a beautiful sea blue bead in the bottom dangling to add uniqueness.

This beautiful jewelry was handcrafted by our specialists, who included delicate elements that capture every woman's attention. No one can be more attractive than these earrings on an elegant traditional outfit. Certainly, our earrings have the grace and history that exceed trends, leaving behind a focal point.

Details of Gold Earrings:

  • The G.Wt of the earrings is 20.57 Grams. 
  • This earring pair from Manjil Designs is made of only high-quality gold.
  • These are lightweight pieces of jewelry that are comfortable.
  • Only skillful artisans crafted this unique piece, flaunting their skills.
  • A small earrings box is sent with the earrings used to store the earrings at any time.
  • Gold is well-spent in the process of making this earring.
  • There is a screw in the back to wear the earrings.
  • The material of the true can be customized as per your interests.
  • These are the perfect wedding jewelry that makes the big day special.
  • It is a perfect gift to give someone to show your affection.


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