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Gold Earrings, GWT - 22.42gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Earrings, GWT - 22.42gms
Gold Earrings, GWT - 22.42gms

Do you want to purchase a pair of earrings that is a fusion of modernity and traditional designs? Then Manjil Designs is the right place to find the amazing Gold Earrings with G.Wt- 22.42 Grams. Go and check out the article to get more details.


Finding the right accessories to style yourself whenever you go out for any occasion is always chaos. Getting a pair of earrings is the best option to style any outfit, regardless of the occasion easily. So you must try the Gold Earrings with G.Wt- 22.42 Grams from Manjil Designs, which surely pleases you with its beauty.

Earrings are underrated accessories, but they are surely the things that subtly elevate your beauty. These earrings from our store have a unique design and a hint of familiarity. The top has a round-shaped gold surface with beautiful details, adding the gold beads surrounding the pastel pink gemstone in the center.

The bottom part has a crescent-shaped structure with pastel pink details that add feminity to the jewelry piece. There are tiny flower details at the bottom using gold, followed by the pink beads hanging along with the tiny green beads. 

Gold Earrings features:

  • The G.wt of these Gold Earrings is 22.42 Grams.
  • The gold used in making this earring pair is only of the highest quality. 
  • These earrings can match your style with a modern design.
  • These earrings radiate your beauty subtly by adding grace to your overall look. 
  • They elevate your facial features beautifully.
  • They give you luxury by adding a hint of traditional details.
  • A jewelry box packed with earrings to use for storage purposes.


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