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Gold Necklace With Ear Rings, GWT - 82.85gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Necklace With Ear Rings, GWT - 82.85gms
Gold Necklace With Ear Rings, GWT - 82.85gms

Are you searching for the perfect Necklace to adorn on your wedding day? Look no further than Manjil Designs, where elegance meets tradition. Explore our exquisite Gold Necklace with Earrings, weighing 82.85 grams, designed to elevate your bridal ensemble to new heights of beauty and sophistication. Delve into the article below to discover the intricate details of this stunning set. 


Shopping for the perfect wedding jewelry can be overwhelming due to the many options available. Simplify the process by exploring Manjil Designs, which has recently unveiled its exquisite wedding collection. Among its offerings is the Gold Necklace with Earrings, weighing 82.85 grams.

Though devoid of any stone embellishments, this gold necklace is a masterpiece of intricate detailing. Our Necklace features a traditional design with tiny gold posts; the Necklace's locket is elegantly diamond-shaped and adorned with finely carved details.

The matching earrings complement this Necklace perfectly, enhancing its beauty and elegance. Designed with a pattern similar to the locket of the Necklace, the earrings complete the set, alleviating the need to search for separate pieces that match.

Key details of the Gold Necklace with Earrings:

  • The total weight (G.Wt) is 82.85 grams after removing all impurities.
  • Crafted from 100% highest quality gold.
  • Perfect for weddings and traditional occasions such as engagements and housewarmings.
  • It comes as a set with a pair of earrings that perfectly match the necklace necklace.
  • Includes a jewelry box for safe storage.
  • Ensure the Necklace is stored safely and dryly to maintain its shine.


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