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Gold Choker Set With Ear Rings, GWT - 38.85gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Choker Set With Ear Rings, GWT - 38.85gms
Gold Choker Set With Ear Rings, GWT - 38.85gms

Are you looking everywhere to find the perfect Choker made of gold for a perfect occasion? Then you must take advantage of the chance to purchase from Manjil Designs, which recently launched the Gold Choker Set with Earrings. You can read the details about the product from the article below. 


In a world of various jewelry options, getting the perfect one that suits you takes a lot of work. Designs offer you some of the best deals on Gold Jewelry, and you can choose from the beautiful collection. Our store launched a beautiful Gold Choker Set with earrings that will win your hearts. 

Neither extravagant nor simple, our Choker Set is a blend of both and shows its subtle result. The crown position of the Choker has some white and red stone embellishments that are greatly harmonious. A complete traditional design is carved on this jewelry piece with a hint of a royal look. The matching step earrings are the cherry on top; they match well. 

The collection's highlight is Gold Choker, a gorgeous piece that decadently embellishes around her neckline. The necklace is marked by brilliant, high-quality gold. It has an intricate framework of fine pieces combined with traditional preferences through modern charm. The result is a piece that effortlessly enhances your appearance while being versatile and strong enough to make a statement.

Details of Gold Choker Set:

  • Our Choker set uses only the highest quality material, like gold and gemstones.
  • This Gold Choker is lightweight jewelry you can wear for a full day. 
  • The complex details on the top and the smooth finish on the inside make it the perfect jewelry for any event without discomfort.
  • This is a perfect wedding accessory to get on your wedding to write your own story of the memories.
  • You can get a jewelry box to keep it safe when you are not wearing it.
  • Customization is available to choose a gold clasp or a thread according to your requirements.


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