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Gold Choker Set, GWT - 86.09gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Choker Set, GWT - 86.09gms
Gold Choker Set, GWT - 86.09gms

Discover the perfect fusion jewelry of elegance and comfort with our exquisite Gold Choker Set weighing 86.09 grams. Explore the detailed features of this stunning set in the article below, which is exclusively available at Manjil Designs.


Immerse yourself in the no-less-than-classic beauty of our Gold Choker Set, a stunning set that adds sparkle to your great looks. Impeccably crafted Gold Choker Necklace weighing 86.09 g and matching earrings.

The center choker of the jewelry, in the style of giving off traditional charm, is encrusted with stunning stones and bordered with delicately molded beads, the combination of which makes a mesmerizing pattern.


The traditional flower motif cardinal at the center introduces a whimsical romantic touch, and this is a great choice for brides who wish to incorporate something traditional into their gowns. At every step, I am committed to quality and ensuring that every aspect is carefully done to become a treasured item in your collection. The sphere-shaped rock with its finesse is a cherry on the cake to the design.

To perfectly add to my Choker is this pair of beautiful earrings with a flower pattern extended to a butta. The jewels match perfectly with the antique gold plate, which is why this Necklace fits every traditional event.

Key Details of the Gold Choker Set:

  • Gold weight: 86.09 grams (without impurities)
  • It comes with matching earrings, eliminating the need to search for a complementary pair.
  • Our Choker set is the statement piece that exudes luxury and elegance
  • Symbolizes sophistication, elegance, and radiance
  • Ideal for bridal jewelry, elevating your look on your special day
  • This Choker is crafted with attention to detail by skilled artisans
  • Made from the highest quality gold, ensuring durability and lasting beauty


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