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Gold Choker Set, GWT - 86.08gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Choker Set, GWT - 86.08gms
Gold Choker Set, GWT - 86.08gms

Are you preparing for your wedding and seeking the perfect jewelry to adorn yourself? Look no further than Manjil Designs, where you'll find the exquisite Gold Choker Set with a gold weight of 86.08 grams. Discover the intricate details of this stunning set in the article below, and make your special day even more memorable with this elegant ensemble.


It's no secret that women have an insatiable passion for jewelry, particularly when it comes to gold chokers. Finding the perfect accessory can be daunting, but look no further than Manjil Designs' Gold Choker Set, weighing 86.08 grams in gold. This set includes matching earrings, completing your elegant ensemble.

The beauty of this Choker lies in its simplicity; crafted solely from gold, it captivates customers with its understated elegance. The top of the Necklace features exquisitely carved swans, adding a regal touch to this piece. Our skilled artisans meticulously create every detail of the Choker, who proudly showcase their expertise. A flower drop design at the end adds a perfect finishing touch, making it a true work of art.

Complementing the Choker are matching earrings crafted with similar attention to detail. While not overly extravagant, these earrings add a subtle hint of luxury and royalty to the ensemble. Brides seeking to complement their royal wedding attire will find this Choker set the perfect choice. More than just an accessory, this gold Choker is a statement piece that enhances your beauty and adds a touch of elegance to your look.

Key Details of the Gold Choker Set:

  • Crafted with 86.08 grams of high-quality gold, showcasing the skills of our artisans
  • Despite its weight, it is a lightweight jewelry that anyone can be worn with any outfit
  • Made exclusively from premium gold material, free from impurities
  • The Choker and matching earrings can be treasured and passed down as a heirloom for generations
  • Elevate your look on your wedding day with this stunning gold choker set
  • Includes a necklace jewelry box for safekeeping


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