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Gold Chandbali Necklace, GWT - 31.304gms, NWT - 14.849gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Chandbali Necklace, GWT - 31.304gms, NWT - 14.849gms
Gold Chandbali Necklace, GWT - 31.304gms, NWT - 14.849gms

Make your wedding day special with the Gold Chandbali Necklace from Manjil Designs. With a G.Wt of 31.204 Grams and N.Wt of 14.849 Grams, this necklace epitomizes elegance and sophistication, perfect for your special day. Dive into the article below to discover more about this exquisite piece.


Enter the realm of timeless jewelry with Manjil Designs' Gold Chandbali Necklace. With a G.Wt of 31.204 Grams and N.Wt of 14.849 Grams, this Necklace is a masterpiece that blends sophistication with tradition, making it one of the stunning additions to your jewelry collection.

Named after the crescent moon-shaped locket, the Chandbali Necklace symbolizes authenticity and elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this Chandbali Necklace showcases the skill and perfection of our artisans. The Necklace perfectly balances a choker and a Haram, with lustrous white pearls adorning the piece.

The crescent moon-shaped locket shines brightly, adorned with pearl stone embellishments that add to its charm. The hanging pearls on the chain add a touch of grace, making this Necklace an exquisite piece of jewelry. Complete your look with the matching earrings, designed to complement the Necklace beautifully.

Details of the Gold Chandbali Necklace:

  • G.Wt: 31.304 Grams, N.Wt: 14.849 Grams
  • Crafted with high-quality metal and exquisite gemstones
  • Designed by skilled artisans who showcase their craftsmanship through intricate details
  • This Necklace features a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, suitable for any occasion
  • Adjustable feature allows for a perfect fit around the neck
  • Lightweight design ensures comfort even after long hours of wear
  • Perfect as wedding jewelry to make you look grand on your special day


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