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Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 51.70gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 51.70gms
Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 51.70gms

If you're searching for bangles with a personality that can be worn daily, look no further! Manjil Designs proudly presents its new collection of gold bracelets weighing 51.70 grams. Explore the article below for more information about these exquisite bangles.


Bangles are not just ornaments for Indian women but also represent the rich cultural heritage. Manjil Designs proudly presents its new product, a bangle weighing 51.70 grams, crafted entirely from gold metal. Bangles are a captivating adornment on women's wrists, reflecting their prosperity, culture, and marital status.

Our artisans have crafted these bangles with a unique wave-like shape, adding a contemporary touch to this traditional accessory. While the top part of the bangles remains unembellished, it boasts exquisite subtle details. These four bangles make a statement when worn alone or paired with other bangles.

The craftsmanship of these exclusive bangles is impeccable, showcasing fine detailing. In Indian culture, women wear bangles on special and auspicious occasions, complementing traditional attire beautifully.

Key Details of Gold Bangles:

  • Weighs 51.70 grams, including all four bangles.
  • Features a wave structure, adding contemporary flair to traditional bangles.
  • Thin bangles that pair well with other bangles.
  • Smooth finish for comfortable daily wear.
  • It can be passed down as heirloom jewelry.
  • Available in all sizes for accessibility to every woman.


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