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Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 123.21gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 123.21gms
Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 123.21gms

Do you want to purchase bangles that are made of gold but didn't find the place to get them? Then Manjil Designs has to be your destination where you can find the Gold Bangles with G.Wt- 123.21 Grams with fine details. The article below provides all the product details; check before the purchase.


Women love to accessorize themselves with different jewelry to make themselves look beautiful. But Manjil Designs decided to make you look beautiful with a touch of gracefulness with the Gold Bangles with G.Wt- 123.21 Grams. 

Bangles are jewelry with a similar structure to bracelets but have different significance. Every Bangles has a great history where women wore them to represent the rich culture and tradition. As time going, Bangles became a part of accessories.

Our Bangles come as a set of 10 Bangles with the same design on every single one. Without making an extravagant design, our artisans kept it simple with these bangles, with only tiny details engraved.

Details of Gold Bangles:

  • The G.Wt of these bangles is 123.21 Grams, which is included with every bangle.
  • These bangles are available in every size to fit every hand.
  • These thin bangles are light in weight, comfortable, and ideal for regular wear.
  • The bangles have a shiny finish that seamlessly goes with any other Bangles.
  • Only 100% pure gold is used to make these bangles.
  • There are 10 Bangles in this set, which are enough to pair with any outfit.
  • These can be worn as statement accessories or paired with other bangles.


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