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Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 123.21gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 123.21gms
Gold Bangles Set, GWT - 123.21gms

If you're searching for gold bangles but have yet to find the right place, look no further than Manjil Designs. Discover our Gold Bangles weighing 123.21 grams, meticulously crafted with fine details. Explore the article below for all the product details before making your purchase.


Women adorn themselves with various jewelry pieces to enhance their beauty, and Manjil Designs aims to add a touch of gracefulness with our Gold Bangles, which weigh 123.21 grams.

Bangles, similar in structure to bracelets, hold a unique significance. They have a rich history, symbolizing culture and tradition. Over time, bangles have become an essential accessory.

Our bangles come as a set of 10, each bearing the same elegant design. Our artisans have opted for simplicity, with only subtle details engraved on these bangles.

Key Details of Gold Bangles:

  • Weighing a total of 123.21 grams.
  • Available in every size to fit every hand.
  • Thin and lightweight, ideal for everyday wear.
  • It features a shiny finish that complements any outfit.
  • Crafted from 100% pure gold.
  • The set includes ten bangles, perfect for mixing and matching.
  • These bangles can be worn as a set, making them statement pieces or layered with others.
  • Embrace elegance and tradition with the Gold Bangles from Manjil Designs, a timeless addition to your jewelry collection.


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