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Gold Baby Finger Ring, GWT - 1.79gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Baby Finger Ring, GWT - 1.79gms
Gold Baby Finger Ring, GWT - 1.79gms

If you're searching for an adorable ring to gift your little one as a precious memory, look no further than the Gold Baby Finger Ring from Manjil Designs. This ring features an adorable design that is perfect for infants. Discover more details about this charming ring in the article below.


Gold rings for babies are miniature treasures that can be gifted to infants as cherished keepsakes. In a gesture of appreciation, Manjil Designs presents the Gold Baby Finger Ring, specially designed to adorn infants' tiny fingers. Our artisans crafted this finger with meticulous attention to detail; this ring is elegant and baby-friendly.

The Baby Finger Ring features a Chota Bheem print, which is especially appealing to infants and young children. Crafted from the finest gold, this ring is durable and gentle on delicate hands. Despite being designed for babies, our artisans have showcased their craftsmanship by incorporating a beloved cartoon character, adding a touch of charm and nostalgia.

This ring exudes sophistication and simplicity, carefully balanced to provide style and comfort. Specially designed for infants, the ring boasts a smooth finish, ensuring a seamless fit on the finger. For children, this ring is more than just an accessory; it is a piece of jewelry that holds the memories of their early years.

Details of Gold Baby Finger Ring:

  • Our Baby Ring is available in various sizes to fit infants, toddlers, and older children.
  • They are crafted using only the highest quality gold and materials.
  • This adorable Chota Bheem ring is perfect for baby showers, naming ceremonies, and birthdays.
  • Our artisans take all necessary precautions when crafting baby jewelry.
  • The ring is not just jewelry but a symbol of love and affection.
  • Suitable for any occasion, this ring is also perfect for everyday wear.
  • Each ring comes in a gift jewelry box, making it an ideal gift option.
  • The smooth finish of the ring ensures it is gentle on babies' delicate fingers.


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