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Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles, GWT - 74gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles, GWT - 74gms
Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles, GWT - 74gms

Suppose you're looking for convenience in finding the perfect bangles. In that case, Manjil Designs has the solution with our Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles. These bangles are meticulously crafted with fine details to enhance your style. Explore the article below to learn more about these adjustable bangles.


Bangles are a cherished form of traditional jewelry, symbolizing radiance and culture, often worn daily by women. While traditional bangles are typically worn directly on the wrist, Manjil Designs offers a convenient alternative with our exquisite Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles. The screw feature of these bangles ensures easy wearing, addressing any size-related issues that may arise.

These Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles strike a balance between the functionality of a bracelet and the authentic, traditional design of a bangle. While they resemble a Gold Kada size, these bangles are uniquely designed for traditional occasions, offering a blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

Our bangles' seamless and smooth edges guarantee a comfortable fit, eliminating discomfort or pain during wear. Beyond accessories, our bangles symbolize adaptability and style, adding a contemporary twist to traditional gold bangles.

Details of the Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles:

  • The adjustable screw allows for easy wearing and removal.
  • The seamless finish showcases the exceptional craftsmanship of our artisans.
  • Crafted from the highest quality gold, ensuring excellence.
  • Intricate detailing on every part of the bangle enhances its versatility.
  • Perfect for traditional events like weddings, engagements, and festivals.
  • Lightweight and ideal for everyday wear.

Experience the convenience and style of Manjil Designs' Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles. Elevate your look with these beautifully crafted pieces, perfect for any occasion.


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