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Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles, GWT - 36.18gms | Manjil Designs
Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles, GWT - 36.18gms
Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles, GWT - 36.18gms

If you're seeking traditional bangles with a modern twist, look no further than Manjil Designs' latest addition: the stunning Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles. These bangles are designed to elevate any ordinary outfit, making it extraordinary. Explore the article below to discover more about these exquisite bangles.


Bangles are traditional jewelry women wear as part of cultural practices, directly fitting onto the wrist. However, Manjil Designs offers a stunning collection of Gold Bangles with modern functionality, including a pair of Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles. These bracelets feature screws for adjusting the fit, blending traditional design with modern convenience.

Our bangles boast a contemporary design with intricate embellishments. Unlike typical bangles, the tops of these bangles have a unique cone shape with a smooth finish. Our artisans have meticulously added details such as pink stones in the shape of drops, creating a gorgeous pair of bangles suitable for any traditional outfit.

These Adjustable bangles can become your statement piece, attracting attention with fine artistry. Despite the heavy detailing, the bangles have a smooth finish. They are easy to wear and remove from the wrist seamlessly, thanks to the adjustable screw.

Details of Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles:

  • The bangles feature an adjustable screw for easy removal and wearing.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes, with the option for further size adjustments using the screw.
  • Suitable for traditional and ordinary occasions, complementing various outfit styles.
  • Crafted using the highest quality materials for durability and elegance.
  • Each pair of bangles comes in a matching design for both bangles.
  • Personalization services are available for additional adjustments.
  • The bangles are packaged in our branded jewelry box for safe storage.

Experience the beauty and convenience of Manjil Designs' Gold Adjustable Screw Bangles, blending traditional elegance with modern functionality.


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