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CZ Gold Bracelet, GWT - 13.20gms | Manjil Designs
CZ Gold Bracelet, GWT - 13.20gms
CZ Gold Bracelet, GWT - 13.20gms

Are you tired of searching everywhere for a gold bracelet that is versatile enough for everyday wear and complements every outfit? Look no further than Manjil Designs' exquisite CZ Gold Bracelet. This Bracelet has all the qualities you're looking for and more. Explore the article below to discover more about this stunning piece before purchasing.


We are thrilled to present the perfect Bracelet that effortlessly complements your everyday attire. The CZ Gold Bracelet from Manjil Designs is a rare combination of elegance and versatility, making it a standout piece of jewelry. While gold bangles are traditional, bracelets offer a trendy alternative to elevate your style.

Crafted by skilled artisans, this CZ bracelet features a stunning flower design embellished with pink and green CZ stones, leaves, and white stone details. Although it resembles a bangle in appearance, it is firm and not flowy. Whether you're dressing formally, traditionally, or modernly, this Bracelet adds a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

The Bracelet is secured with a clasp, ensuring it stays in place without slipping down your wrist. The intricate flower design and plain bangle give this piece a sophisticated finish. At the same time, the fine details add a luxurious feel. The combination of yellow, shiny gold, and high-quality CZ stones is a work of art.

Details of the CZ Gold Bracelet:

  • Combines the traditional look of a bangle with a contemporary design
  • Crafted with the highest quality CZ stones, offering affordability without compromising on quality
  • Available in all sizes, with customization options available
  • Features a clasp to secure the Bracelet in place
  • Made from lightweight yet durable gold
  • This Bracelet becomes a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, and other festive occasions

Elevate your style with the CZ Gold Bracelet from Manjil Designs. This timeless piece adds elegance and charm to every outfit.


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