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Antique Finish Vinayaka Swamy Idol, GWT - 250gms | Manjil Designs
Antique Finish Vinayaka Swamy Idol, GWT - 250gms
Antique Finish Vinayaka Swamy Idol, GWT - 250gms

Are you searching for a place to get a silver Antique Finish Vinayaka Swamy idol that looks traditional yet aesthetic? Then Manjil Designs offer you the best silver idol collection launched recently. Get amazing offers from our store, and the product details are in the article below.


Lord Vinayaka is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi, one of the most powerful deities in hindu culture. Manjil Designs presents you with the Antique Finish Vinayaka Swamy idol made of the purest silver. Placing the idol at your homes will welcome wisdom and good luck with your new beginnings. 

The idol from our store shows the deity with the trunk turned towards the right side, which is also one of the lucky parts and features similar to elephants. It showcases the deity sitting in a lotus and blessing devotees. 

Details of Antique Finish Vinayaka Swamy idol:

  • The idol is the deity sitting on a lotus holding Modaks in his left hand. 
  • This idol symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence and welcomes luck.
  • You can gift this silver idol to someone, and it even can be passed down to generations as a heirloom gift.
  • It is made of shimmering silver yet has a great antique finish which gives an elegant look.
  • You can place this idol while doing pooja on Vinayaka Chaviti. 
  • Use a dry cloth instead of a wet one to clean the idol.


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