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Antique Finish Shivalingam Idol, GWT - 101gms | Manjil Designs
Antique Finish Shivalingam Idol, GWT - 101gms
Antique Finish Shivalingam Idol, GWT - 101gms

If you want to purchase Antique Finish Shivalingam Idol for your poojas or as a gift, shop with Manjil Designs. The idol has a very good antique finish that gives it a beautiful look. Do Check the article below to learn more about the product.


The Shivalingam Idol has a very great sacred and religious meaning. This idol represents the Lord Shiva, who is in the form of a Shivalingam. Manjil Designs idol is a typical cylindrical or oval shape idol. The idol’s base is ‘Yona,’ and the oval-shaped part is ‘Lingam.’ 

Devotees of Lord Shiva worship this Shivalingam as same as the god. The idol is a decent size, and the top oval part has three lines with an eye symbol. This is the ‘Third eye’ of the god, which is mostly closed. You can place this idol in your pooja rooms and perform everyday rituals. Always make sure to keep it in water. 

Antique Finish Shivalingam Idol:

  • The article has an antique finish with many details on the base and the top oval shape.
  • Always keep this idol in the sacred area and perform pooja every day.
  • You can keep it in water, as most Shivalingam idols suit.
  • Clean the idol on an everyday basis to keep it neat.
  • The idol is available in different sizes.
  • It is available in lightweight size so you can carry it anywhere. 


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