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Antique Finish Radha Krishna Idol, GWT - 123gms | Manjil Designs
Antique Finish Radha Krishna Idol, GWT - 123gms
Antique Finish Radha Krishna Idol, GWT - 123gms

Check out Manjil Designs’ recent silver idol collections to get the best Radha Krishna idol. After removing all the impurities, the idol is made of good silver and available in lightweight size. You can check out the idol details in the below article.


Radha Krishna is the divine couple in Hindu mythology, where the idols have both gods together as a couple. The Radha Krishna idol typically resembles Lord and Radha Rani together, blessing their devotees. The idol is available in Manjil Designs, made of high-quality silver.

Our store idol has an antique finish with details like the lord Krishna’s smile and Radha Rani lying on the lord. This symbolizes their eternal love, and you can place the idol at your homes, pooja rooms, etc. 

Details of Radha Krishna idol details:

  • It is made of high-quality silver with fine details on the model.
  • The idol comes with both lord Krishna and Radha Rani.
  • You can carry an idol with you anywhere because of its lightweight.
  • It has a very fine antique finish which makes the idol look authentic.
  • The size of the idol is best for placing it in your pooja room and workplace. 
  • You can gift this idol to your friends and family on special occasions.


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