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Antique Finish Panchamukha Hanuman Idol, GWT - 115gms | Manjil Designs
Antique Finish Panchamukha Hanuman Idol, GWT - 115gms
Antique Finish Panchamukha Hanuman Idol, GWT - 115gms

If you want an Antique Finish Panchamukha Hanuman Idol, try the silver diol collection of Manjil Designs. Our store gives you many deals and offers regarding silver idols. You can get additional details of the products in the below article.


Hindu mythology describes Lord Hanuman as a powerful deity who bestows strength and good energies on his followers. The stunning Antique Finish Panchamukha Hanuman Idol by Manjil Designs displays steadfast devotion to Lord Rama. He is renowned for having incredible strength and the determination to tackle any challenge.

Our store’s idol typically looks like the Hanuman with five heads paying respect to Lord Rama on his knees. The lord is believed to give the devotees immense strength, power, courage, and growth. You can place this idol to remove all the negative energy in your life and gives blessings to you.

Details of Antique Finish Panchamukha Hanuman Idol:

  • The antique finish of the idol looks very powerful as it removes all the negative energy in your life.
  • You can see in the idol that the deity is on his knees praying to lor rama and has five faces. 
  • All five faces have different weapons, and the center looks like he is blessing the devotees.
  • The durable quality of the idol allows you to carry the idol anywhere with you.
  • It is available in light in weight sizes.
  • Do not use water while cleaning, and only use a clean rag.


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